Documentation Required For Selling Structured Settlement Payments

The Quote Is Just The Beginning

Just as with other cash flow purchase transactions, there are going to be copies of various documents that will be required for the cash flow funding source to review before finally approving the funding for any structured settlement payments to be sold.

The Document List

A partial list of these required documents follows.

1) Copy of the annuity policy that specifies the amounts and dates of payments that were the result of the structured settlement.

2) Proof of identity of the payments seller through a copy of a social security card and/or driver's license.

3) Copy of the payments seller's recent payment check to confirm the payment amount matches that specified in the annuity policy.

4) Copy of a recent tax return of the seller.

5) Copy of paperwork for any bankrupcies for which the seller may have had to file in the past.

Once the funding source reviews all required paperwork and approves the purchase, then the actual mult-week (if not multi-month) processing of the funding transaction will take place.

The documents referenced above are what would be required only after a quote for the structured settlement payments has been accepted by the seller.  The quote usually doesn't require any documents up front.

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Structured Settlement Payments Documentation