Selling Structured Settlements Payments

Selling Structured Settlements Payments

After you have decided that you would like to sell your structured settlement payments, there are a couple (although sometimes lengthy) of steps that you can expect to have to go through before obtaining your funding.

Steps For Receiving Cash For Structured Settlements Payments

1. Find a businesss from which to obtain a quote.  You can either work with a cash flow broker that deals with structured settlement payment purchases or work directly with a funding source that is one of the companies that buy structured settlements payments and that actually provides the funding for the cash flow purchase.

2. Obtain a quote through answering a couple of questions regarding your settlement payments.

3. Assuming you find your quote acceptable, the next step is the collection by the funding source of a series of documents required to basically formalize the payments purchase transaction.

4. Because of the nature of structured settlements, the payments transaction will most likely to need be approved first by a court.

5. Once the structured settlements payments purchase is court-approved, your funding source will put together a closing document package and schedule a closing date and time.

6. Receive your cash funding.

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Selling Structured Settlements Payments