The Structured Settlement Payments Quote Request

What Is Involved With Obtaining A Structured Settlement Quote

If you are receiving payments from an insurance company for a structured court settlement and you have decided you would like to find out how much cash you can get from companies that pay cash for structured settlement payments, you will need to submit some basic preliminary information to whatever cash flow broker or funding source you have chosen to work with.

Because of the nature of structure settlement payments, the list of information required for a quote request is not as lengthy as would be required for some other cash flows (such as business notes or mortgage notes).  However, it is still important to submit as much of the information that is requested as accurately as possible.

The Information List

Here is a list of at least some of the information you will probably be required to submit for a structured settlement quote request.

1. The name of the insurance company that is paying out the payments owed for the structured settlement.

Note:  This is probably the biggest factor in determining a quote


2. Your state of residence.

Note:  This matters because different states could have different laws regarding the transfer of structured settlement payments between parties.

3. The type of settlement for which the settlement payments are being paid.

4. Whether or not payments for your particular structured settlement have been sold in the past.

5. How often the payments are being paid out.

6. The payment amounts.

7. The payment dates.

Once you submit the appropriate information to your quote source, you should expect to obtain a quote (if any) within a couple of days.

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Structured Settlement Payments Quote Request